Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Huge Theropod Database Update


I added an entirely new section to the website- Evaluating Phylogenetic Analyses. This portion of the website is devoted to past phylogenetic analyses of theropods. Each page is devoted to a particular analysis and any published modifications it has been through, noting the general importance of the paper with citation. I then note which codings are inaccurate, re-run the analysis, check both the original and corrected versions against different topologies, and even try adding in interesting taxa.

All named non-avian avepods are now online! New taxa include Austrocheirus, "Rahiolisaurus", Cruxicheiros, Leshansaurus, Raptorex, Sinotyrannus, Bistahieversor, Kileskus, Haplocheirus, Xixianykus, Luoyanggia, Banji, Pneumatoraptor, Tianyuraptor, Linheraptor, Dromaeosaurus, Utahraptor, Xixiasaurus, Jianchangornis and Longicrusavis. Taxa which have been significantly updated include Sarcosaurus, Dilophosaurus "breedorum", Megalosaurus? "tibetensis", "Merosaurus", "Ngexisaurus", Chuandongocoelurus, "Allosaurus" tendagurensis, Megalosaurus "dapukaensis", "Metriacanthosaurus" "reynoldsi", "Poekilopleuron" schmidti, Prodeinodon? "tibetensis", "Saltriosaurus", Megalosaurus, "Megalosaurus" "phillipsi", Microvenator? "chagyabi", Embasaurus, Alioramus (including A. altai as a junior synonym of A. remotus), Elaphrosaurus "philtippettensis" (as a junior synonym of Tanycolagreus). You saw many of those here beforehand of course. :)

Basal Tetanurae and Megalosauroidea have been completely reorganized to reflect Benson's (2010) and Benson et al.'s (2010) new data, and Megaraptora has been formed within Coelurosauria. Alvarezsauroidea has also been reorganized with revised diagnoses. In addition, I've made sure all family-level names are valid according to ICZN Article 13.1.1.

Things to do include finishing evaluating Holtz's (1994) analysis; reorganizing Dromaeosauridae now that I've incorporated the Tianyuraptor, new Anchiornis and Hesperonychus data; getting the ex-Theropoda section uploaded; adding Tawa with Nesbitt et al.'s data, ceratosaur data and more carnosaurs to the saurischian supermatrix to update those topologies; adding the rest of the Mesozoic Aves; and eventually incorporating all the new data from basal tyrannosauroids and proceratosaurids to reorganize that section.

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