Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Database Updated, Happy New Year!

I like to make sure all named taxa are in the Database every New Years, no matter how much I neglect the site otherwise, so here you go- Dahalokely, "Arcovenator", Siats, Aorun, Yutyrannus, Juratyrant (officially), Lythronax, Jianchangosaurus, Ningyuansaurus, Ganzhousaurus, Leptorhynchos, Yulong, Nankangia, Wulatelong, Jiangxisaurus, Aurornis, Eosinopteryx, Acheroraptor, Yurgovuchia, Xinghaiornis, Shengjingornis, Gobipipus (finally official!), Xiangornis, Zhouornis, Jiuquanornis, Piscivoravis, Schizooura, Yumenornis, Changmaornis and Yanornis guozhangi have all been added.

One surprising thing has been how many of the new taxa were "acquired" from fossil dealers or other less specified private collectors, with at least five being examples. 

Also, this electronic ICZN thing hasn't made citations any simpler.  As usual we have taxa published physically (e.g. Ganzhousaurus), taxa published validly electronically in electronic journals (e.g. Dahalokely), and taxa published invalidly electronically in physical journals (e.g. "Arcovenator"), but now we also have taxa published validly electronically in physical journals that have been not yet been physically published (e.g. Aorun, Piscivoravis).  The latter make an odd case because their citations are valid 2013 publications, but there will be an identical version published physically in a 2014 issue.  So how are we citing these?  Two parallel citations of identical content?  Ugly and redundant.

As for two nomina nuda you may not have heard of, try "Plesiosaurodon" and "Farragochela".

Now to finish numbering the Lori characters (who knew formatting could be so time-consuming)....

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