Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Theropod Database lives again!

As several of you noticed, my old Comcast account finally died and the Database went with it.  Nick Gardner was nice enough to provide me space on his domain, which sounds much cooler- .  The site there has been updated over the last year as well-

Megalosaurus? monasterii, Camarillasaurus, Ostafrikasaurus, Eoabelisaurus, Ichthyovenator, Piatnitzkysauridae, Sauroniops, Bicentenaria, Sciurumimus, Hexing, Alnashetri, Martharaptor, Philovenator, Sulcavis, Brodavis americanus, B? baileyi and B? mongoliensis were added. "Megalosaurus" woodwardi, "Dilophosaurus" sinensis, "Megalosaurus" insignis, "Megalosaurus" pombali, Ozraptor, Walgettosuchus, Kryptops, Kaijiangosaurus, "Megalosaurus" pannoniensis, Marshosaurus, Streptospondylus? cuvieri, "Tyrannosaurus" "lanpingensis", Erectopus, Yangchuanosaurus, Iliosuchus, "Allosaurus" sibiricus, Rapator, Scipionyx, Timimus, Sinovenator, Sinornithosaurus, Microraptor (including the immediately synonymized M. hanqingi) and Adasaurus were updated significantly. Carrano et al.'s (2012) HUGE Tetanurae paper was incorporated, which revised numerous non-coelurosaurian tetanurines and changed their phylogeny. It also added phylogenetic commentary and many unnamed specimens, though I have yet to finish the latter section. Turner et al.'s (2012) dromaeosaurid information was incorporated, as was Martyniuk's (2012) nomenclature and definitions.

Check it out.  Thanks for everyone's interest and support!


  1. excellent!
    what else can I say?

    THANK YOU and THANK YOU, Nick!

  2. The database is gone, long live the new database.

    Very good news :)