Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Theropod Database will be down for a while

Due to a recent move, my Comcast domain will be discontinued starting 11-4, so the Theropod Database will go offline then too.  Luckily, Nick Gardner has offered to host it, but I'll need to get my room and computer set up first, as all of the files are on there.  It should all be back up at a new address some time this week though.  The good news for all of you is that the newly uploaded version will be updated with many new taxa and studies from 2012, which were originally scheduled to go up in December.  The blog will not be affected, as it is hosted by Blogger.

In additional good news, once I'm set up for research again, we can figure out what Chilantaisaurus/Allosaurus/Antrodemus sibiricus is, because contra Chure, Riabinin (1914) did illustrate it.  In all six cardinal positions no less. I can tell you right now that it's not Chilantaisaurus though.

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