Saturday, May 7, 2011

Langobardisaurus in Nesbitt's matrix

Continuing the series, I added the tanystropheid Langobardisaurus to Nesbitt's new archosauriform analysis.  Langobardisaurus is another taxon which Peters (2000) considered key to connecting prolacertiforms with pterosaurs.  It's very odd in its own right, especially its somewhat artiodactyl-like skull.  Luckily, several specimens have been well described and it's better preserved than Longisquama or Cosesaurus.  Once coded, it groups with Longisquama and Cosesaurus, but this clade can vary in position.  It can be anywhere outside Pseudosuchia or Ornithodira.  Constraining prolacertiform pterosaurs is now only 15 steps longer, compared to 22 steps before Langobardisaurus was added.  What will happen when Vallesaurus and Megalancosaurus are added?

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