Saturday, January 29, 2011

If this were a scathing criticism of YOUR paper, would you want to be notified by me when I post it?

Title says it all, based on this comment.  I know some professionals read my blog, so I'd be interested to hear your opinion. 


  1. Excellent. If I ever post my critique of the highly flawed methods of Anonymous et al. (2010) (which honestly should have never even made it past the reviewers, let alone met with widespread acclaim upon publication), I'll send you a personal email. ;)

  2. The whole purpose of a blog is for you to have a venue to post your personal opinions as you see fit, as long as you aren't seriously slandering or scooping people. If you provide logically argued criticisms then that is certainly fair, even if your tone shows a bit of frustration (it is a personal outlet after all). If you do it to a paper of mine and I go back and find that you are correct, then so be it, kudos to you. However, if you are wrong expect me to post a reply ;.) I would not expect nor want an e-mail from you directly however, I would find out about your post soon enough.

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  4. Hector Gomez de SilvaFebruary 15, 2011 at 2:47 PM

    Thanks so much for a wonderful blog and database. All I can say is that although the mature way to act would be to accept criticism of one's work if indeed it contains mistakes, in practice you will have to be careful(politically correct and so on) when you criticise if you want your career to succeed. I am writing this based on what happened with one of the best taxonomists of present-day theropods, Dr. Allan R. Phillips. Very thorough, professional, brilliant, and not afraid to criticise others (like you in all these ways), but he died a bitter man, knowing that he knew his subjects far better than his peers but that journals would not publish his work any more, his manuscripts were usually blocked during peer-review or even before by scientists he had criticized (he even severely criticized ornithological societies and journal editors).
    Héctor Gómez de Silva