Thursday, November 18, 2010

All New Design, Same Great Theropod Taste

Finally customized the design to have wider posts, so that my paragraphs appear more manageable.  Also changed the color scheme and added a better background with my drawings.  First person to guess all the illustrated taxa wins... er... five Theropod Database Points.


  1. I like the new design!
    I try to guess some of them: Omnivoropteryx, Jeholornis, Scipionyx, Alashansaurus, Aberratiodontus, Juravenator, Huaxiagnathus, Chirostenotes, Epidexipteryx, NGCM 2124.

  2. The one in the sidebar is Sinraptor. :)

    Can you change your post backgrounds to not be translucent however as well as making the font larger? I have a hard time reading the font currently with the background.... Very distracting.

    I can fix this for you even if you IM me later tonight. :-(

  3. Mickey, you should try to upload these drawings somewhere, rather than posting them as a background to your blog! :)

  4. Andrea- many good guesses, but neither Jeholornis or Chirostenotes (the pes?) are represented.

    Nick- Correct about Sinraptor. I could indeed change the opacity and text size, but I prefer how it looks this way. Of course, if more readers felt the same as you did, I would reconsider.

  5. Well, for now I just adblocked the image, so that lets me read it pretty easily..=)

  6. The foot is Caudipteryx and the oviraptorid skull is Oviraptor. There is also a Sapeornis and Compsognathus skull in there. And is that Eoenantiornis and Dalingheornis?