Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sauropodomorph phylogenetic analyses - The list

The first step to starting your own analysis is compiling the data from past analyses.  Here's all of the quantitative cladistic sauropodomorph analyses I know of, in chronological order, with the subsequent modifications listed indented afterwards.  Ones I don't have copies of are in bold.  If anyone has them, I'd be thankful for a pdf of course.  A 'u' in front of the entry means the supporting matrix was not presented.  Also, if there are any I missed, I'd love to know.

uYou, 1990 (SVP abstract)
            You, 1993 (Diplodocus thesis)
Russell and Zheng, 1993 (Mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum)
Upchurch, 1993 (Sauropoda phylo thesis)
            uUpchurch, 1995 (Sauropoda phylo)
Calvo and Salgado, 1995 (Limaysaurus)
uGauffre, 1995 (SVP abstract)
            Gauffre, 1996 (new riojasaurid thesis)
Zheng, 1996 (Shunosaurus and Camarasaurus thesis)
Salgado et al., 1997 (titanosaur postcrania)
            uKellner and Azevedo, 1999 (Gondwanatitan)
Upchurch, 1998 (Sauropoda phylo)
            Upchurch, 1999 (Nemegtosauridae)
            Upchurch and Martin, 2002 (Cetiosaurus)
            Alifanov and Averianov, 2003 (Ferganasaurus)
            Sander et al., 2006 (Europasaurus)
uWilson and Sereno, 1994 (SVP abstract)
            Wilson and Sereno, 1998 (Sauropoda phylo)
            Sereno, 1999 (Sauropoda)
            Upchurch and Martin, 2002 (Cetiosaurus)
Sanz et al., 1999 (Lirainosaurus)
Sereno, 1999 (Prosauropoda)
            Leal, 2001 (Unaysaurus thesis)
            Barrett et al., 2005 (Lufengosaurus)
            Barrett et al., 2007 (Yunnanosaurus)
Benton et al., 2000 (Thecodontosaurus)
Casanovas et al., 2001 (Losillasaurus)
Curry Rogers, 2001 (titanosaur thesis)
            Curry Rogers, 2005 (Titanosauria)
            Csiki et al., 2010 (Paludititan)
            Mannion, 2010 (Mongolosaurus)
Curry Rogers and Forster, 2001 (Rapetosaurus)
            O'Leary et al., 2004 (Mali titanosaur)
Smith et al., 2001 (Paralititan)
Hinic, 2002 (Massospondylus thesis)
Wilson, 2002 (sauropod phylo)
            Barco Rodriguez, 2003 (Galveosaurus thesis)
            Harris and Dodson, 2004 (Suuwassea)
            O'Leary et al., 2004 (Mali titanosaur)
            Rauhut et al., 2005 (Brachytrachelopan)
            Barco et al., 2006 (Galveosaurus)
            Ksepka and Norell, 2006 (Erketu)
            Rauhut, 2006 (Canadon Calcareo brachiosaurid)
            Remes, 2006 (Tornieria)
            Sander et al., 2006 (Europasaurus)
            You et al., 2006 (Huanghetitan)
            Lovelace et al., 2007 (Supersaurus)
            Lu et al., 2007 (Huanghetitan)
            Rose, 2007 (Paluxysaurus)
            Allain and Aquesbi, 2008 (Tazoudasaurus)
            Canudo et al., 2008 (Tastavinsaurus)
            Santucci, 2008 (Uberaba titanosaur)
            Hocknull et al., 2009 (Australian titanosaurs)
            Remes et al., 2009 (Spinophorosaurus)
            Royo-Torres et al., 2009 (Turiasaurus)
            Upchurch and Mannion, 2009 (Qingshan somphospondylan)
            Wilson and Upchurch, 2009 (Euhelopus)
            Carballido and Pol, 2010 (Amygdalodon)
            Chure et al., 2010 (Abydosaurus)
            Csiki et al., 2010 (Paludititan)
            Ksepka and Norell, 2010 (Erketu)
            Mannion, 2010 (Mongolosaurus)
            Suteethorn et al., 2010 (Phuwiangosaurus)
            Mateus et al., 2011 (Angolatitan)
            Zaher et al., 2011 (Tapuiasaurus)
Calvo and Gonzalez Riga, 2003 (Rinconsaurus)
Gonzalez Riga, 2003 (Mendozasaurus)
Yates, 2003 (Pantydraco)
            Leal et al., 2004 (Unaysaurus)
            Sues et al., 2004 (Massospondylus)
            Barrett et al., 2007 (Yunnanosaurus)
Yates and Kitching, 2003 (Antetonitrus)
            Yates, 2004 (Anchisaurus)
            uYates, 2004 (Gryponyx)
            Barrett et al., 2005 (Lufengosaurus)
            Fedak, 2006 (Nova Scotia massospondylid thesis)
            Fedak and Galton, 2007 (Anchisaurus)
            Kutty et al., 2007 (Indian taxa)
            Upchurch et al., 2007 (Chinshakiangosaurus)
            Lu et al., 2010 (Chuxiongosaurus)
Galton and Upchurch, 2004 (Dinosauria 2)
            Barrett et al., 2005 (Lufengosaurus)
            Royo-Torres et al., 2006 (Turiasaurus)
            Barrett et al., 2007 (Yunnanosaurus)
            Kutty et al., 2007 (Indian taxa)
            Upchurch et al., 2007 (Chinshakiangosaurus)
Salgado et al., 2004 (Limaysaurus)
Upchurch et al., 2004 (Apatosaurus)
Upchurch et al., 2004 (Dinosauria 2)
            Sander et al., 2006 (Europasaurus)
            Santucci, 2008 (Uberaba titanosaur)
            Upchurch and Mannion, 2009 (Qingshan somphospondylan)
            Wilson and Upchurch, 2009 (Euhelopus)
            Csiki et al., 2010 (Paludititan)
            Mannion, 2010 (Mongolosaurus)
            Mateus et al., 2011 (Angolatitan)
Gallina and Apesteguia, 2005 (Cathartesaura)
Harris, 2005 (Suuwassea thesis)
            Harris, 2006 (Suuwassea)
            Taylor and Naish, 2007 (Xenoposeidon)
            You et al., 2008 (Daxiatitan)
            Taylor, 2009 (Brachiosaurus)
            Mo et al., 2010 (Liubangosaurus)
            Taylor et al., 2011 (Brontomerus)
Bonaparte et al., 2006 (Ligabuesaurus)
Salgado et al., 2006 (Zapalasaurus)
Calvo et al., 2007 (Muyelensaurus)
            Calvo et al., 2007 (Futalognkosaurus)
            Csiki et al., 2010 (Paludititan)
            Filippi et al., 2011 (Narambuenatitan)
Sereno et al., 2007 (Nigersaurus)
            Fernandez-Baldor et al., 2011 (Demandasaurus)
Upchurch et al., 2007 (sauropodomorph phylo)
            Martinez, 2009 (Adeopapposaurus)
            Bandyopadhyay et al., 2010 (Barapasaurus)
            Sekiya, 2010 (Xixiposaurus)
            Sertich and Loewen, 2010 (Seitaad)
            Yates et al., 2010 (Aardonyx)
            Rowe et al., 2011 (Sarahsaurus)
Yates, 2007 (Eucnemesaurus)
            Smith and Pol, 2007 (Glacialisaurus)
            Yates, 2007 (Melanorosaurus)
            Ezcurra, 2010 (Chromogisaurus)
            Knoll, 2010 (Ignavusaurus)
            Sertich and Loewen, 2010 (Seitaad)
            Yates, 2010 (Anchisaurus)
            Yates et al., 2010 (Aardonyx)
            Pol et al., 2011 (Leonerasaurus)
            Rowe et al., 2011 (Sarahsaurus)
Lang, 2008 (cetiosaur thesis)
Gonzalez Riga et al., 2009 (Malarguesaurus)
            Hocknull et al., 2009 (Australian titanosaurs)
Carballido et al., 2011 (Chubutisaurus)
Gallina and Apesteguia, 2011 (Bonitasaura skull)
Whitlock, 2011 (Diplodocoidea)


  1. Csiki et al., 2010 (*Paludititan*), Juárez & Calvo, 2011 (*Traukutitan*), Mateus et al., 2011 (*Angolatitan*) and Pol et al., 2011 (*Leonerasaurus*)?

  2. Some of these don't really count, though. In particular, the analysis in Taylor and Naish (2007) was merely that of Harris (2006) with one additional taxon, and that of Taylor (2009) was Harris's with a single taxon split apart. If you do want to count Taylor and Naish (2007), then it would make sense also to count Taylor et al. (2011), the Brontomerus paper, which contains an analysis that is yet another single-taxon-added variant of Harris's.

  3. Thanks, anonymous! The Traukutitan paper doesn't seem to have an analysuis though, unless there's a different one than "Revision of MUCPv 204, a Senonian Basal Titanosaur from Northern Patagonia". If anyone has the Paludititan or Angolatitan papers, they would be appreciated.

    As for which analyses count, I'm including any which has new data, whether it be characters, taxa or both, compared to the original. Don't know how I forgot Brontomerus, I even have its entry complete for the Database (which may be uploaded tonight).

  4. And now I have the Angolatitan and Paludititan papers, so the list above is complete to my knowledge.

  5. Mickey

    You will have the full citation of the thesis Gauffre 1996, is a great Riojasauridae he describes.


  6. Thanks for this - found several I don't have:

  7. Mickey is good that these Sauropomorpha dedicating to actually book have served me well for a project I'm working on my own. Maybe when I finish it and you are interested I can ask you for your review because there are very few people who handle these issues as you.

    I hope one day you will be excited to dedicate the dinosaurs in general because if what you do with it applied to Saurischia Ornithischia would certainly be easier to make graphic scales. Just as no such documents with such availability as in your site.

    Indeed, some articles that appointments are of great interest I do not know if I can share some. In exchange I can do the same if you're interested.

  8. Shouldn't Barco Rodriguez's thesis from 2009 be on this list as well?

  9. The full citation for Gauffre's thesis is-

    Gauffre, 1996. Phylogenie des dinosaures prosauropodes et etude d’un prosauropode du Trias superieur d’Afrique australe. PhD thesis. Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris. 156 pp.

    He names a new taxon in it, which was found to be a riojasaurid in the unpublished saurischian supertree of Norell et al.- . Makes me wonder if it has any relation to Eucnemesaurus. Gauffre's own analysis was tiny (reduced phylogeny shown in Upchurch et al., 2007), but I have no idea where his new taxon emerged in it.

    Rexisto- I'd be happy to review your project whenever it's complete. No doubt I will expand to ornithischians one day, but I've been working on the theropod portion for 7 years and it's still incomplete, so who knows how soon it will be. If you have articles to share, you can send them to , and I'll see what I have in return.

    Michal- Thanks for the link to Barco Rodriguez's thesis. Turiasauria takes a hit, and it's great someone finally analyzed Aragosaurus.

    1. Hi Mickey,

      While surfing the paper on Antetonitrus by McPhee et al. (2014), I learned that the dino named in gauffre's 1996 thesis is actually the taxon named "Thotobolosaurus" by Ellenberger (1970).

      McPhee, B. W., Yates, A. M., Choiniere, J. N. and Abdala, F. (2014), The complete anatomy and phylogenetic relationships of Antetonitrus ingenipes (Sauropodiformes, Dinosauria): implications for the origins of Sauropoda. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 171: 151–205. doi: 10.1111/zoj.12127

    2. Thanks for the info. Have you managed to get a copy of Gauffre's thesis in the past three years? I know I still lack it.

  10. What do you mean by "Turiasauria takes a hit"? I can't make out anything from the Spanish.

  11. Barco Rodriguez's analysis places Losillasaurus outside Turiasauria+Neosauropoda, and places Galveosaurus as a macronarian. Notably, Carballido et al.'s (2011) analysis also found the clade of Tastavinsaurus, Venenosaurus and Galveosaurus in the same position- between Camarasaurus and brachiosaurids. Carballido et al. also place Tehuelchesaurus there (which he is redescribing soon), while Barco Rodriguez places Phuwiangosaurus and Aragosaurus there.