Monday, July 2, 2012

Silently combining taxa

Just a brief rant today.  Senter et al.'s (2012) Yurgovuchia paper includes Linheraptor codings in its Tsaagan OTU, and the fairly complete IGM 100/99 and 100/120 codings in its Parvicursor OTU.  Would have been nice to at least mention this in the Methods section so that I now don't have to go back and delete those Tsaagan codings I thought were due to Senter examining it firsthand but were actually from a genus which has never even had its synonymy defended. grr...

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  1. A Mickey doubt.

    There is a way to see the images and measures Zupaysaurus vertebrae (axis, cervical and dorsal), Dandakosaurus (dorsal and caudal) and Giganotosaurus (dorsal and caudal)

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